People form 90% of their opinion in the
first 90 seconds of meeting.

Nicholson McBride is one of Europe's leading business psychology consultancies

Since the mid 1980's, our particular expertise has meant we have led the way in leveraging people's performance for the greater benefit of a wide range of organisations, including FTSE 100 companies, central and local government, public service organisations, professional service firms and many financial institutions.  Tellingly, we still work for many of the clients we started with.

Today, we remain independently owned, which means we are true to our guiding principles, one of which states that we will never lay claim to expertise we do not possess.  Rather, we invite you to study our track record.  Over the past two decades we have produced 11 books, 5 of which became television series, contributed regular media comments and maintained an impressive growth rate, over 80% of which is based on repeat business and referral.

Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, and hold a mix of psychology and business qualifications.  They have usually worked in industry before joining us, ensuring their effectiveness is second to none. 

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