People form 90% of their opinion in the
first 90 seconds of meeting.

Unlock the potential of your organisation

In successful organisations people do the right things, the right way.  They know exactly what is expected of them and they passionately want the enterprise to succeed.  They take the success of the business personally:  it is their business.  They identify with its aims and understand why their contribution is important.  Their personal objectives are clearly aligned with those of their bosses and colleagues.  They experience a warm glow whenever the business wins.

Everything we do is about helping people fulfil their potential, whatever their level, thereby enhancing the organisation's performance.

Enhancing performance

Our pioneering work in enhancing the performance of organisations means that we work with the CEOs of many of the world's top organisations. We help them grow and develop as individuals, thus enabling them to create, articulate and deliver their strategic plans. 

We work with leadership teams, individually or together, providing the support they need to optimise their effectiveness.

Our work alongside HR departments helps them match people and skills to the challenges their future holds.

Successful organisations favour a flat management structure.  Following common processes, sharing a common goal and working towards a common culture is more important than ever.  We can help develop the skills and instil the key attitudes and behaviours to make this a reality.

Gathering feedback from employees and clients on how they feel, think and act is the best way to measure and understand the required changes in organisational culture, management style and the marketplace.  We develop customised solutions to collect and interpret this information, including recommendations on how to respond.

Bespoke every time

We may have pioneered many widely used techniques and methodologies, but at the heart of Nicholson McBride's approach is the conviction that each organisation is unique - the product of its history and its people.  Each new challenge is met with a fresh perspective, a flexible attitude, a bespoke approach.

What matters most to us is understanding your challenges, your context and, of course, your people.  That's where we start.

Further reading

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