Business Psychology in action

12 Feb 2016

Helen Fisher, business psychologist and one of the directors and owners of Nicholson McBride, was invited on 5th February to the Speaking Series at University College London for the MSc in Industrial and Business Psychology.  This series has been set up to give students an insight into the world of consulting and to explore how the disciplines of business and psychology can be merged in order to solve key organisational challenges.

Helen’s lively and participative talk outlined Nicholson McBride’s work at three levels: organisational, team and individual.  At the organisational level, she discussed how organisations are driving innovation and creativity, a particularly interesting example being creative communication and the use of storytelling and image as innovation tools.  

Another key focus for Nicholson McBride is understanding and building resilience.  Helen described the five components of resilience, as identified through Nicholson McBride’s research (see the NMRQ: Nicholson McBride Resilience Questionnaire).  This generated a lot of discussion and questions from the UCL students. 

Finally, Helen discussed office politics, political savvy and how to spot different political types (e.g. the Machiavellian!).

Nicholson McBride’s directors have enjoyed speaking at Goldsmiths and UCL this term and hope to continue their work with London’s leading universities.

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