Cosmo webchat

14 Aug 2012
Cosmo Webchat

The world of work is changing very quickly. It's increasingly competitive and getting ahead in your chosen field is more challenging than ever. How do you deal with office politics? Is it possible to avoid them?

Jane Clarke is exactly the person to help you with advice about developing the right skills to overcome the problems and boost your career, as well as avoid being a victim. She can help you, no matter where on the corporate ladder you are, to understand and manoeuvre in office politics. It no longer pays to just work hard and keep your head down. These days you need to know how to influence people and present your point of view so that you're noticed.

We'll have Jane online hosting her very own web chat on Tuesday 28 August 1-2pm. Leave your questions here by Tuesday at noon and come back and join in the webchat at 1pm.

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