How Resilient Are Your Leaders?

09 May 2017

There are many challenges facing the workforce today.  As a result, organisations don’t just want those who are best at their job, they want people who are resilient – who demonstrate an ability to bounce back from tough times, handle change effectively and cope well with pressure.  At Nicholson McBride we have significant insight into the nature of resilience, with almost 40,000 responses to our RQ (Resilience Quotient) questionnaire. This clearly indicates that, in the workplace, one critical driver is the quality and nature of leadership. 

Building on this, we have conducted significant research into what constitutes resilient leadership, and have designed Nicholson McBride’s ‘Resilient Leadership Questionnaire’. If you would like to complete the survey free of charge and receive a personalised report, please click on this link

At Nicholson McBride, we can help you create a resilient culture.  We have developed a modular development programme, using reliable techniques to help your managers become more personally resilient and encourage this attribute in the people they lead.  

Please email Sarah Thum-Bonnano to find out more about training

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