How to deal with a killer hangover at work

23 Dec 2014

Once you're at work, there are two options.  The better one, says Jane Clarke, of business psychologists Nicholson McBride, is to take yourself in hand and focus on the tasks that energise you.  If you're gregarious, you might find work that involves talking to people or meetings; if you're an introvert, you could look for a detailed, absorbing piece of work.  "The way you feel is significantly mind over matter," explains Clarke.  "So instead of telling yourself how ill you are, say 'I just need to get stuck into this and I'll feel better in no time.'"  If, however, you are so below par that demanding work is beyond you, try to keep a low profile and lose yourself in dull, administrative tasks, although these can make you sleepy.

The article later turns to the question of dealing with your hangover's PR: "Namely, should you tell your colleagues that you were out until 3am?"

Clarke cautions that people tend to "over-remember" colleagues' hangovers and that widely advertising your suffering (or falling asleep at your desk) is the kind of thing that can tarnish your reputation and even effect your promotability. "You dont want to advertise yourself as the person who feels the worst," says Clarke.  "Place your hangover somewhere in the middle of the pack."

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