​Two things we learnt from children’s development

21 September 2017

Feedback may be a gift, but it’s a tricky thing to get right. In fact, in many cases it does more harm than good. Interestingly, there are number of parallels between what helps and hinders our development as children and as adults. Here are two examples.

Education to Employment Charity Event

28 July 2017

Nicholson McBride is proud to have been able to attend Blind in Business’ annual Education to Employment event. Kirsty tells us about her day with the charity.

What do hymns, Comic-Con and protests have in common?

28 July 2017

Think back to the euphoric moments you have experienced in your life. Did many of them involve a crowd? Collective effervescence is a sociological concept introduced by Émile Durkheim who proposed that, when a community comes together to participate in a synchronised action or experience, the group becomes more unified and individuals become disproportionately excited.

Gender bias: the psychology behind the gender pay gap

21 July 2017

As the pay gap hits headlines again, we share our experience and research on the thorny subject of gender-based inequality in the workplace.  

Embracing neurodiversity in the workforce

05 July 2017

Many people with neurological conditions such as autism, Asperger Syndrome, dyspraxia and dyslexia have extraordinary skills. Research has recurrently demonstrated significantly higher than average abilities in pattern recognition, memory and mathematics in these populations.