Achieving transformational change in a london council

This London Council first asked for our help in early 2006, at the start of a period of considerable organisational development and political turbulence, under a newly appointed Chief Executive.  We started, and continued, coaching relationships with the Chief Executive, all Corporate Directors and a range of other individuals in new and challenging roles.

Through the success of our coaching relationships, we were invited to facilitate a significant strategic event for CMT, and following this, have run regular team events for both CMT and various departments.  Part of our facilitation role has included mediation work between Directors.

By 2008, the Council had identified a need for major transformational change in order to deliver the performance required by their new strategy.  Nicholson McBride has worked closely with this Council to develop a programme focused on delivering excellence to customers through a collaborative and joined-up approach working as "One Council".

In conjunction with these, and other activities aimed at achieving significant and lasting culture change across the organisation, Nicholson McBride has designed and delivered a leadership development programme to further build the capability and confidence of the most senior 30 individuals at the Council.  The programme used an action learning approach, with participants taking responsibility for their own development and using the programme to work on real life local government priorities.

In 2008, the Council won a major national award in recognition of its improvement across the board and its pace of innovation.  In 2009, it achieved a CPA 4 star, improving strongly status.

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