Assessing how a government body meets customer needs

We have been working with the Government's leading National Body for Secondary Education since 2004.  Over the past few years, the Trust has experienced rapid growth and dramatically increased its customer base. As a result, there have been huge amounts of organisational change, and new demands placed on staff.  Consequently, we were asked to conduct a survey with their customers to evaluate how effectively the Trust was meeting its customers' needs.

Overall, the objectives of this exercise were to:

Understand customers' satisfaction levels and establish what they want from the Trust in the future.

Use this information to:

  • Agree and communicate implications for strategy and behaviour.
  • Focus efforts to improve the Trust's services and meet customer needs.

A paper-based questionnaire was distributed to all the Trust's customers (the majority of secondary schools across the U.K.), and the findings were explored further through conducting in-depth telephone interviews with a random sample of these customers.

The review process proved to be extremely effective and it has helped the Trust to concentrate its efforts where they can be most valuable.  The findings also provided a useful benchmark, against which progress was measured when we conducted a repeat customer satisfaction review the following year.  This second exercise was extremely encouraging overall, and highlighted the fact that customers had seen improvements in important areas, as well as reinforcing areas which remain key priorities as the Trust continues to grow.

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