Coaching partners in professional services firms

We run the Partners Coaching Programme at a leading law firm, which includes both the Senior Partner and the Chief Executive Officer.  Each partner has a different programme according to his or her specific requirements.  It is based on feedback and linked with what the firm needs from the individual.

The types of issues covered include:

  • Achieving successful post-merger integration.
  • Honing leadership and management skills.
  • Enhancing inter-personal skills.

We assisted the Senior Manager of a legal firm in their setting up of a firm-wide support team, which is now being developed across Europe.

When one of the big five accounting firms decided to create a brand new, firm-wide global strategy, Nicholson McBride worked alongside key partners to help them drive the strategy forward.

After a long relationship with one of the partners in a global actuarial firm, we recently helped him with his successful bid to be elected Senior Partner.

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