Developing leadership skills in a specialist insurance firm

Nicholson McBride has been involved with this firm since 2000.  Our initial involvement was in helping the Board to create and then cascade their Business Strategy.  In addition, we trained a group of project managers who were instrumental in driving through key change initiatives.

In 2001, we worked again with the Top Team, this time in a leadership development capacity.  One-to-one coaching was used to complement a team workshop with the aim to help create a step change in leadership performance. The topics covered included:

  • Vision of leadership
  • Performance management
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Set up for coaching
  • Coaching for real
  • Delegation
  • Managing time effectively
  • Communication and personal commitments

Our involvement in 2002 and 2003 revolved around refreshing the vision and business strategy, and since then, we have been involved in one-to-one coaching assignments and evaluation of the Executive Team.  Our client's Chief Executive said: "Nicholson McBride facilitated several Board events to discuss and clarify organisational strategy.  They did this by asking us challenging open questions about the future and where we see ourselves.  They challenged our assumptions and thinking and enabled us to move forward in a new way."

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