Developing the managers of a global investment business

Nicholson McBride has worked with this organisation, part of one of the world's largest investment management organisations, for the last 2 years in a variety of areas.  These areas include: organisation-wide executive coaching, skills-based training programmes and a modular Management Development Programme for managers across the business.  All of these activities have been delivered to managers based in the three key UK sites.

Management Development Programme

This programme was aimed at providing new and middle managers with the key skills and knowledge to develop themselves, their team and ultimately the organisation.

The programme covered key management skills and was split into 3 modules:

  • Individual - to develop a far better understanding of themselves and their motivators.
  • Team - skills to enable individuals to give the most to and get the most from their people.
  • Organisation - leadership and practical business skills to enable and support strategic goals.

Each module contained one or more workshops, which involved a combination of theory and practical activity.

The programme was designed exclusively for the organisation, and was rolled out to over 60 managers in 2003 and 2004, and over 50 managers throughout 2005.  It was linked, where possible, to relevant internal processes, in particular the performance management process which included recruitment, appraisal and performance development processes.

The Programme included 360° feedback at the beginning and end.

The success of the Programme has led to demonstrable individual successes through promotion and performance, as well as measurable business benefits and has received excellent feedback from the organisation overall.

Of those who took part in the programme, 80% rated it overall as Excellent and 20% rated it overall as good

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