Identifying future talent for a professional support services organisation

Nicholson McBride was asked to work with a Professional Support Services Organisation to assist them in identifying and developing their talent for the future.  The business was set to grow significantly, and there was a need to ensure those in prominent and influential roles were set up for the challenge.  We worked with the organisation to help their senior people:

  • Understand how the nature of the work had changed and to see the impact they could have on the business.
  • Identify what was expected from them in terms of behaviour and standards.
  • Raise their game, so that they could lead and manage their people effectively.
  • Develop a consistent understanding of what is meant by the term "Manager".

The approach started with a process to identify future needs.  Once this was mapped out clearly, individuals were offered a comprehensive experience, comprising of:

  • 360° feedback - a full picture of how participants were currently performing against future oriented competencies.
  • Attendance at the Discovery Centre - how they could perform in a range of future oriented, potentially new, simulated activities.
  • Stimulating debate and discussion about a range of future oriented business topics.
  • Comprehensive developmental feedback, which was targeted towards a number of pre-identified developmental activities.

The business was then given support in developing subsequent activities, including developmental training, benchmarking, succession planning and appraisal.

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