Identifying potential partners in a top 5 UK accountancy practice

To plan for the continued success of their business, the practice decided to work with Nicholson McBride to identify and develop future high potential individuals.  Their desire was to get a sense of which individuals in the business had the potential to become a Partner.

Nicholson McBride worked with the management team to create a process that would:

  • Help the business discover who was suitable for the role of Partner immediately and who would need to be developed to fulfil the role's needs.
  • Give participants scope for discovering their own strengths and development needs, in relation to their future ambitions.
  • Give individuals an opportunity to discover whether they indeed wanted to take on the role of a Partner and to understand the implications for them.

One key element of this process was a Discovery Centre which simulated a "future day in the life of" a Partner in the business. In addition to this, participants were given access to "role models" (excellent practitioners in the requisite competencies) so that they could truly understand what excellence looked like.  Participants were evaluated against defined competencies and observed in a series of structured and co-ordinated exercises in order to establish their current skill levels and future potential.  Individuals received detailed one-to-one feedback and coaching, which enabled them to create a meaningful development plan to support their future progression within the business.

Following Nicholson McBride's intervention, the firm was able to identify both a number of participants who were ready to be promoted immediately to the level of Partner, and also implement a developmental programme to support those who needed additional support in fulfilling their potential.

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