Improving a major law firm's client relationships through research

The work we have undertaken with this law firm in the area of client satisfaction has been three-fold:

  • First, we conducted research with existing and potential clients for two of the main departments within the organisation.  The objective was to gain an understanding of clients' perceptions of the current service standards, and also to establish how this could be improved in the future.  This was augmented by data from non-clients (including target clients), to help the departments shape their client service strategy.
  • Second, we focused on work related to specific Partners.  As part of an all embracing feedback process, many of the Partners nominated key clients as feedback respondents.  This was obviously beneficial to the Partners, but also had a positive marketing effect.
  • Third, we involved interviewing clients (as well as the internal team) about specific transactions / cases.  This information was analysed and fed back to the team and, in one case, a meeting between the client and the Partners involved was facilitated to establish the modus operandi going forward.  In addition, the results were reviewed to create a template to manage large transactions / cases and ensure client satisfaction in the future.

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