Leadership development for a mining company in crisis

One of the world's largest mining companies was in crisis.  The top team knew that it was imperative to raise performance and boost margins quickly and dramatically, if the organisation was to survive.  They also recognised that the organisation's leaders, both corporate and operational, would play a pivotal role in driving forward the required changes.

These changes required:

  • A major shift in mindset and culture.
  • Creating an environment where people are prepared to be accountable for results.
  • Acting as role models, living the new skills, attitudes and behaviours.

Nicholson McBride partnered with the client to create a 3 day leadership development programme with the following objectives for attendees:

  • To understand one's own motivational profile and therefore better manage one's impact on others.
  • To learn how to motivate teams and help employees get involved in planning and executing their work.
  • To identify blocks to taking appropriate business risks and how to plan strategies for overcoming them.
  • To understand and practice methods for creative problem solving, to improve the outputs of meetings.
  • To assess organisational barriers to accountability and then formulate ways of getting round them.
  • To learn how to give meaningful and challenging behaviour-based feedback.
  • To create for all participants a meaningful personal development plan with clearly stated and shared commitments to change.

The programme was initially rolled out by Nicholson McBride facilitators, who then trained suitable internal people (at a minimum level of Area Manager) to augment the delivery across the entire organisation.

The programme delivered measurable benefits, with leaders, managers and supervisors taking ownership and delivering the required actions all the way through the organisation.

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