Managing a cultural merger in a multinational oil and gas company

Research has shown that in the eyes of those responsible, over two-thirds of mergers fail to deliver against expectations, because the cultural aspects of mergers are neglected.

We have worked with two international oil companies, both in the run up to and after merger.  Our work has involved:

  • Helping the Board define a collective and stretching vision for the new business.
  • Accelerating the process of team development and team effectiveness at the most senior levels, to ensure that the proposed direction for the new business is anchored as quickly as possible.
  • Using processes to map the different cultures of the businesses that are merging, identifying areas of similarity and of difference.  The results of this process equip managers with the intelligence they need to focus their efforts on the right issues, those that are most likely to impede success and which need explicit attention, and those opportunities that could underpin results most easily.
  • Creating and supporting a process to ensure the right people, with the skills and attributes reflective of the new business, are selected openly and fairly for management positions in the new business.
  • Mobilising the newly created teams around the new direction of the business. Sharing the meaning and implications of the vision and helping them to make realistic and practical plans to ensure that they could deliver against it.

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