Profiling future leaders in an insurance multinational

The target population for our Profiling work with this client was that of the Leader-Producers.  A group who were already highly effective from a technical perspective and had been identified internally as being of "high potential".

Nicholson McBride used the future-based competencies that were already in place, to design and deliver a programme of development, which involved:

  • A Discovery Centre based on a future day in the life of a high calibre manager at the company.
  • A detailed, one-to-one debrief of each participant's performance with a Nicholson McBride consultant.  As well as giving the feedback, the consultant started to coach the individual, and with them, identify a path for development.
  • The creation of a personal development plan.

The Discovery Centre was supported internally by a number of initiatives that individuals could tap into, including e-based learning, one-to-one coaching and classroom interventions.

Two other factors ensured the success of the programme:

  • Individuals held the budget for their own development, and as a result were focused on the learning that would get the most return.
  • In return for the investment the organisation put into the individual's learning and development, each participant had to deliver on a business-critical project.

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