Profiling senior managers in a car retailer network

As part of a network-wide profiling exercise, 40 senior managers across the UK took part in a talent mapping process involving a combination of psychometric questionnaires, 360º feedback and structured interviews.  Participants were asked to nominate up to 6 individuals to provide 360º feedback.  This feedback process was administered electronically and the information collated by Nicholson McBride consultants.  Once the feedback was collated and the psychometric questionnaire completed, the structured interview took place.

The interview was designed around core competencies for the role and consisted of questions and simulation exercises.  Following the interview a summary report was produced by Nicholson McBride incorporating information from the interview, 360º feedback and the psychometric profiling, this was then fed back to the individual in a one-to-one meeting, and areas of development were discussed.

Once all participants had received their feedback each individual report was discussed in detail with an internal panel of our sponsors within the business.  The reports were used to inform future succession planning.

Nicholson McBride analysed all the reports so that collective areas of strengths and development could be determined.  A summary report was produced for the client organisation to enable them to identify possible content for future development programmes and one-to-one coaching.  In addition, areas of best practice that already existed within the population were highlighted so that they could be maximised internally.

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