Raising the standards of leadership in a major government institution

Nicholson McBride carried out a programme of work, supported by the Executive Board, designed to raise the standards of leadership and people management displayed by the institution's Senior Management Group.  We built on improvement suggestions made by the institution's staff in an employee survey and a programme of one-to-one interviews with Senior Managers.  Incorporating this learning with our experience of best practice in other organisations, we designed and implemented a programme of workshops and associated coaching activity for each member Group.

We made a series of presentations to the Executive Board of observations as to how Senior Managers might increase their contribution to the leadership of the institution.  We also recommended on how the interface and the distribution of tasks between the Executive Board and Senior Managers might be re-fashioned, to allow the organisation to operate more effectively.

Other follow-up activity included:

  • A report back to all Senior Managers on the Board's reaction to our presentations.
  • A conference open to all Senior Managers, to pool ideas and the experiences of different workshop groups.
  • A one-day refresher event involving the original workshop groupings, to review progress of individual people-management initiatives, and the development of the Senior Management Group's contribution to the leadership of the institution.  These were held a year after the original workshop sessions.

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