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What is coaching all about?

We help individuals improve their performance and maximise their potential. The desire for coaching may be triggered by particular needs or challenges. For instance: "I need help in getting that promotion", "I need to get better at…", "I want to be successful in achieving...".

A sample approach

Session 1

Understanding the current situation and establishing the individual's objectives for coaching - agreeing measures of success and setting priorities for change.

Session 2

Reviewing feedback on the individual, collected by us or based on existing 360° feedback. (Optional, but recommended).

Sessions 3 - 5 (monthly)

Confidential one-to-one coaching drawing on a wide range of techniques, leadership and management knowledge. Creating a strategy for change: harnessing strengths, identifying barriers and working to overcome them.

Session 6

Reviewing progress and repeating 360º feedback if appropriate. Agreeing a sustainable action plan for change - focusing on personal ownership for change.

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