• "Many thanks for your professionalism... I rely considerably on your personal approach and support"

  • Lewisham Council
  • "When I go there I feel welcomed, not a faceless corporation"

  • Tower Hamlets
  • "They are warm and nice to work with"

  • Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
  • "Are stimulating to work with"

  • Volkswagen
  • "Very easy to work with"

  • Countryside Agency
  • "People are well educated, well trained as consultants"
  • Angel Trains
  • Very clever people
  • HM Revenue and Customs

    Working as a team / working in partnership

  • "Ability to work with what they could see as a competitor"

    Maintaining relationships

  • "I have worked with NML over a couple of years. I like them because they are direct, challenging, down to earth - not theoretical - and easy to relate to"

  • Lloyd's

    Thoroughness of process

  • "What NML do [as opposed to a competitor] is carefully study the problem and propose their own solution"

  • "Detailed design and rigorous diagnostic skills"

  • "...having a rigorous process which the lawyers have valued"

  • Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
  • "They do more prep work than any other consultancy group - this is what makes them successful"

  • Tower Hamlets


  • "Couldn't have achieved what we have achieved without their help"

  • Kiln Group
  • "The coaching has made a positive difference"

  • IPC Media
  • "Went back for more because we were happy with what they did" exceed expectations in most situations"

  • Zurich Municipal

    Understanding clients' needs and businesses

  • "NML have facilitated several board events to discuss and clarify organisational strategy.  They did this by asking us challenging open questions about the future and where we see ourselves.  They challenged our assumptions and thinking and enabled us to move forward in a new way"

  • CEO, Kiln Group
  • "They are able to understand the context in which we work"

  • INVESCO Perpetual
  • "Able to delicately cut through cultural and political barriers"

  • "Really understanding partnership culture"

  • Watson Wyatt

    Transferring knowledge

  • "NML have provided us with the knowledge and skill to accelerate the rate of change that has been required to achieve the new world of our Brand values.  The key objective of making our customers our best salespeople has seen the necessity for huge cultural change backed by sound process and business management. The partnership has been both rewarding and enjoyable"

  • Client Director of Customer Service, Audi UK
  • "With other suppliers you sit down and think "I could have worked that out for myself", however Nicholson McBride make you think really hard"

  • Volkswagen
  • "People grow when they sit and talk to NML"



  • "Relationships they've built with the Board are very strong"

  • DCSA
  • "They are like an extended team and reflect well on us"

  • INVESCO Perpetual

    Public Sector

  • "Have very good reputation in local government – will win more work here"

  • Barking & Dagenham
  • "Depth of experience in public sector helped with credibility in our organisation"

  • Countryside Agency

    Programme Specific Feedback

  • "I have never applied as much from a course as I have done on this programme"


    Attention to the little things

  • "Basic professional stuff"good response to messages / emails, reports delivered on time"

  • Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
  • "Transparency in billing – never rounded up numbers and always specify how the different pieces have been created"

  • Volkswagen