Claire Cahill

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Claire’s background

Claire has worked in the Talent, Leadership and Organisational Development field for 12 years across differing sectors including advertising, construction and insurance. Claire’s a talent development consultant and business coach specialising in developing emerging leaders and building high- preforming teams. Having achieved a diploma at Roffey Park for Organisational Development her passion is to support her clients through periods of change.

Claire has worked at all levels with leaders, managers and functional experts as well as groups and individuals. She supports leaders into new positions, and helps them manage their transition whilst delivering results. She is empathetic but task orientated in her approach to ensure her clients meet their goals.

Claire holds her Level A and Level B Certificates in Occupational Testing and is trained to use a number of psychometrics including NEO, FiroB, MBTI, and SDI. Working with global clients, Claire has coached, senior Leaders and Managers across the UK, North America and, Australasia.

Highlights to date

  • Designing and delivering a New Leadership Programme in an insurance company.
  • Coaching managers through periods of change, to help them work through the practical and people side, whilst also collaborating with internal communications to help the team understand the transition they were going through.
  • Conducting a deep dive diagnostic to find the route cause for an unsettled team and contributed to designing a practical solution to move the team forward in a positive direction.
  • Coaching new managers to help them think about their brand, their impact and how they manage moving from a technical expert to a people manager whilst still managing the day job.

In addition

Claire enjoys working collaboratively to deliver practical, bespoke solutions to her clients. She has a passion for understanding differing organisations and systems and tailoring her solutions to those particular environments.

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