Emily Frohlich
Client Director

Image of Emily Frohlich

Emily's background

Emily's interest in people's behaviour at work started over a decade ago with a degree in Psychology from Goldsmiths College, London, where her dissertation explored the relationship between personality and motivation in organisations.  Emily also has an MSc in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck College, London and continues to be involved in academic research.

Prior to joining Nicholson McBride in 2004, Emily worked in the Human Resources field for AXA, gaining skills in assessment, profiling, performance management and other aspects of employee development.  As an organisational psychologist, Emily is trained in a number of instruments, including Myers-Briggs, NEO-PI, Thomas-Kilmann, and the Strength Deployment Inventory, and also has a diploma in performance coaching.  As part of the Nicholson McBride team, Emily is most rewarded by the challenge of diagnosing and responding to the breadth of issues presented by clients.

Emily's highlights

  • Researching, designing and facilitating leadership development programmes to build the qualities necessary for individuals and teams to be effective performers.
  • Coaching individuals to achieve their potential by developing mindsets, confidence, and personal skills.
  • Involvement in large scale culture change programmes, including conducting relevant research, designing and facilitating events, and measuring development.
  • Delivery of assessment and development events for succession planning, promotion and recruitment.
  • Developing competency frameworks and designing 360° feedback interventions.
  • Ensuring that organisational development is embedded and aligned with strategic business objectives.

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