Emma Seward

Image of Emma Seward

Emma's background

Emma originates from Australia and graduated from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, with a double major in Psychology.  This led her to London to complete her Masters in Organisational Psychology at City University.  During her time at Nicholson McBride, she has been involved in researching, designing and facilitating workshops, to enable individuals and teams to operate more effectively.  She has also been involved in varied research projects, including topics such as Resilience and Organisational Politics.  More recently Emma has explored neurodiversity within the workplace and specifically, its importance in increasing innovation.

Highlights at Nicholson McBride

  • Researching, designing and facilitating development programmes to build the personal skills and qualities necessary for individuals and teams to be effective performers.
  • Coaching individuals to achieve their potential by focusing on challenges such as developing necessary mindset, confidence and self-awareness, adjusting to a new role and managing the overuse of strengths.
  • Developing and implementing 360° feedback programmes.
  • Managing Assessment and Development Centres and producing personal development reports for individuals based on their performance.
  • Providing data analysis and recommendations on a range of projects, including employee engagement and client satisfaction surveys, to help organisations optimise their performance.
  • Applying psychometric tools to aid individual and team development.

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