Helen Fisher

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Helen's background

Helen is a business psychologist who specialises in helping organisations to become more effective through their people.  Since 1992, she has led long-term, in-depth projects across the UK and the rest of Europe with a wide variety of clients.  She has worked in most major industrial sectors, as well as the public sector.

Helen is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.  She graduated in Psychology from Bristol University, and joined the National Health Service as a Research Psychologist.  She then completed an MSc in Organisational Psychology, based on an investigation of what makes people feel committed to the companies they work for.

Helen's highlights

  • Devising and implementing programmes on leadership skills, change management, communication, customer focus, career guidance, and interpersonal skills, among others.
  • Coaching and mentoring top team members in their personal effectiveness.
  • Facilitating strategy development with board members.
  • Managing the assessment and selection of people for key positions, and achieving alignment of roles within organisational restructures.
  • Helping teams at all levels work together more effectively.
  • Shaping organisational structures to meet the changing demands of the business.
  • Monitoring the quality of relationships between organisations and their customers.
  • Researching and developing company-wide communications strategies.
  • Designing and managing employee opinion surveys, and feeding the results into culture change programmes.
  • Carrying out research to gain direct feedback from clients' customers.
  • Speaking on conference platforms, as well as radio and television

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