Jane Clarke

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Jane's background

Jane Clarke is the author of four books: Savvy, Resilience, Office Politics and Wired Working.  In 1993, she joined Nicholson McBride, where she has been involved with a variety of assignments, ranging from large scale cultural change across organisations, right through to one-to-one coaching.  Jane has a business background and an MBA.  Her first consulting role was in the field of OD and prior to that she was an insurance underwriter.

Jane was also a columnist for The Independent newspaper on the subject of office politics, and has since worked with many companies to help people develop their political savvy.  Jane is a frequent contributor to the Financial Times and a wide range of other newspapers and journals.

Highlights at Nicholson McBride

  • Managing Nicholson McBride's contribution to the corporate recovery of Lloyd's of London: Jane was involved in helping to effect a dramatic shift in organisational culture, followed by a significant programme of leadership development, and still works in and around the Lloyd's Market today.
  • Helping partners in professional services firms and Managing Directors in investment banking to develop more productive relationships with their clients and ultimately become trusted advisors to them.
  • Helping leaders to develop the mindset, confidence and competence to achieve their individual potential, and that of the businesses they manage; in particular, pioneering the development of Leadership 21, an intensive development process for high-flyer

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