Kirsty Hannah

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Kirsty's background

Kirsty has always been fascinated by human thought and behaviour, pursing this interest first at university, reading Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, then as an instructional designer, creating bespoke and scalable L&D solutions for an array of global FTSE 500 clients.  For three years, Kirsty worked with HR teams, graphic designers and a network of coaches to design creative development programmes in large, cross-continental organisations.  

In 2016, Kirsty joined Nicholson McBride with a view to help organisations think strategically about their culture and performance, and understand the psychology which underpins employee behaviour and engagement. 

Since joining Nicholson McBride, Kirsty has co-facilitated a board-game-based workshop about organisational culture, co-created virtual sessions on sponsorship, storytelling and virtual leadership, designed and delivered a leadership development programme, and co-facilitated several executive team and strategy events in the context of complex organisational change.

She is currently working on acquiring executive coaching accreditation. 

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