Maddie Fox

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Madelaine's Background

Madelaine started her career in retail management followed by 15 years in talent & organisational development in the UK, Australia and the US, where she has gained experience at both an operational and strategic level in a wide range of industries.  She is an accredited coach and is trained to use many different psychometric tools such as Myers Briggs, NEO Personality Indicator, Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) and Wave.

Highlights at Nicholson McBride

  • Launching a range of programmes on resilience and resilient leadership across a wide range of teams.
  • Designing and implementing several high profile development programmes and centres for high talent.
  • Creating and implementing targeted training initiatives to develop strategic partnerships with senior stakeholders.
  • Researching, designing and facilitating development programmes, to build the personal skills and qualities necessary for individuals and teams to be effective performers.
  • Facilitating off-site events for teams.
  • Coaching individuals to achieve their potential by developing the necessary mindset, confidence and personal skills.
  • Developing and implementing 360° feedback programmes. 
  • Delivery of assessment and development centres for recruitment, succession, development and restructure.

In addition

A qualified Pilates and Somatics instructor, Madelaine has a particular focus on mindfulness.  Working with clients on their physical well-being to reduce stress and build resilience. In addition helping individuals to understand their internal experience to create greater awareness of their response to others and situations, creating greater levels of choice in the way they respond to the world around them.

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