Sarah Cleasby

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Sarah's background

Graduating from the University of Wales (UK) with a BSc in Business Administration, Sarah joined BT where she worked for eight years.  She also has a Diploma in Performance Coaching from Newcastle College (UK) and recently completed a foundation course in Positive Psychology through Pennsylvania University (USA).

While at BT, Sarah was responsible for developing and implementing large-scale culture change programmes within Customer Service.  She also worked on the design and implementation of internal communication strategies, focusing on the importance of two-way communication within the organisation, through use of intranet and the internet.

Highlights at Nicholson McBride

  • Sarah's experience spans a range of industrial and service sector clients with particular exposure to financial services.
  • One of Sarah's most rewarding projects was with an investment management company which involved the creation, management and roll out of a management development programme across the organisation.  The programme was designed to fast track new and recently promoted managers into effective management and leadership, of their teams and the business.  Sarah has also worked closely with several banks on similar projects.
  • Another project of interest was with the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, which is responsible for London's Fire Brigade.  This involved working to develop and implement an effective internal communications cascade, including behavioural and cultural change, and new skills transfer.
  • Sarah currently lives in Sydney, Australia where she acts as the Australia and Asia representative for Nicholson McBride on global programmes.

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