Sarah Thum-Bonanno

Image of Sarah Thum-Bonanno

Sarah’s background

Sarah’s long-standing interest in psychology and the human brain led her to study at Bristol University for a BSc in experimental psychology. After clinical roles in the NHS at an eating disorders hospital and a drug rehabilitation centre, she then moved to University College London in 2009 for her MSc in health psychology. This was followed by five years working as a research psychologist focusing on medicine decision making, health attitudes / behaviour and organisational health.

In 2015 Sarah decided to return to the practical application of psychology through business psychology and joined Nicholson McBride. Sarah’s primary interests are health and wellbeing at work and ways these can improve productivity and engagement.

Highlights at Nicholson McBride include

  • Managing and co-ordinating assessment and development centres for law firms
  • Designing and evaluating a psychometric tool to measure resilient leadership
  • Co-facilitating organisational culture workshops in the insurance industry
  • Conducting research into inclusive leadership in the workplace

In addition

Sarah is a keen yoga practitioner and teacher. She teaches yoga classes for teenagers and restorative yoga classes for adults at triyoga in London. She is involved in initiatives to promote the therapeutic and social benefits of yoga in the workplace.

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