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Resilience is a quality that helps you turn adversity into advantage and threat into opportunity. And the good news is, it's a package of skills and behaviours that you can learn or develop, whatever your age, circumstance or experience. Tough stuff hits us all at regular intervals. It is how you let it affect you and how you deal with it that counts.

Based on extensive new research, and backed-up with real-life case studies of people who display resilient behaviour, the book shows you how to calculate your own resilience levels (your 'RQ'), and how you too can bounce back from bad times. It concludes with a 10-point plan to help you pull all the components of resilience together.


"Some people develop resilience through life; others can learn it with the tools in this clever, insightful and inspiring book. Whatever way you come to it I now realise resilience is an under recognised and powerful quality that has played a large part in my success and life."

- Mary Portas, from BBC's Mary Queen of Shops

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