The most important unit of change is always the individual.
If your people are not engaged – nothing will happen.

There has never been a greater need to drive and manage change effectively, and to instill within the organisation an ability to act fast.  A genuinely agile approach, across the whole business, is essential.

At Nicholson McBride, we help leaders to establish strategies and plans which address the rational, the emotional and the political aspects of change – and we do it quickly and collaboratively.  The scale and nature of a change programme must always be shaped by the specific circumstances and requirements of the organisation, but there are usually four core elements:   

The importance of accurate diagnosis cannot be underestimated; so many organisations embark on a process of change without fully understanding why they’re doing it, or what will give them the leverage they need.  

Based on robust analysis, we then work with the client to design the strategy for change.  Mapped out over time, the process is designed to ensure understanding and clarity, but cannot be rigid or over-engineered.  People must be engaged, progress needs to be measured, and there should always be a clear focus on what the end game is – for now!