Knowing your people and setting them up for the future

Predicting the future shape of your organisation allows you to define the ideal profiles of those needed to deliver success. We can work with you to define future people needs and assessment criteria.

Our approach

Stage 1

Profiling the role

Working with you we research and profile the role you are assessing for, identifying and developing success criteria.

Stage 2

Profiling the individual - options
We conduct structured interviews against the defined success criteria, to assess individuals on what they do, why they do it and how they may need to develop in the face of future market, environmental and business developments.
Psychometric profiling can be used to complement other profiling techniques or as a standalone. Our fully qualified psychologists select the relevant approach from a variety of instruments, including MAPP, MBTI, Firo Element B and 16PF.

The way we work

Profiling is always set in the context of your future business strategy. We give significant thought to what the individual will experience while they are being profiled. Where possible, they are given a snapshot of what it will be like to be part of the future. We help them 'go beneath the surface', so that they truly understand what they have to offer.

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