Your staff and your clients. What do they really think?

Understanding relationships

We use a variety of research techniques, tailored to each organisation.  These are designed to provide insights that will enable you to manage your organisation's relationships with its varied audiences better.

There are three stages to the research process

Stage 1

Identifying your needs

Our approach is to start at the end. We talk deliverables before methods. How can research improve your organisation? What are you hoping to get out of it? We answer these questions before we move on.

Stage 2

Selection and design of research tools

Having discussed your objectives we would then identify the best research method. Careful consideration of the design and delivery of any method is essential to ensure a high response rate.  Possible approaches include:

  • Employee opinion survey - We don't have a standard employee survey. We start from scratch and design a survey that has a much higher chance of engaging your employees and encouraging quality responses.
  • Cultural audit - We use cultural audits to help manage mergers. They highlight organisational similarities and differences, then enable you to promote the former and manage the latter.
  • Communication survey - We use communication surveys to audit your current communication strategy, including content, process and behaviours. Are the right messages reaching the right audiences, in the right way, at the right time?
  • Client survey - We design a client survey to gauge your clients' satisfaction levels, determine the quality of your relationships, anticipate future requirements and give you feedback on strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Benchmarking - We can create surveys designed to benchmark you against other organisations (within and across sectors), based on agreed criteria.
Stage 3

Delivery of results their implications

Key findings recommendations your objectives are compiled, insights delivered conclusions drawn give a clear set actions. Our consultants experienced business psychologists have the skills follow up any issues that identified through our research.

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